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A professional recruitment specialist who prides herself on great customer service and always focusing on the right result for her clients. Having a wealth of experience in different industries including 21 years in banking and finance, 11 years in sales and real estate and 10 years in Recruitment.

Right Recruit was created predominantly to assist and support small and medium sized businesses with their recruitment needs. Having developed a successful process, the opportunity to provide clients with a first class service at a competitive and realistic fee was the reason that Right Recruit was born.

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Jo Buckler - Director and Recruitment Specialist

A good team member who presents a professional and positive attitude. Socially confident and a good judge of character. No hesitation in taking responsibility and ready to argue a point with conviction and have a willingness to be open to alternative views. A strategic mind with experience of initiating and implementing change.

A people oriented leader that creates friendly, structured and continually improves working environments, with the ability to promote engagement and can achieve the best from people with the ultimate purpose of creating high performing teams. Passionate about leadership and coaching responsibilities – has a track record of assisting people in achieving their ambition and overcoming challenges.

A good communicator and public speaker. Provide structured communication forums to ensure clear and regular business information to all operational teams. A positive outlook and have the capacity to keep a clear head in demanding operational situations. A good Human Relations advocate, and demonstrate application of business HR policies. Lobbies policy changes in order to gain the best business operational win and fairness to the employee.

All round operational management with experience of gaining high achievement of product quality and customer service. A methodical thinker – with ability to demonstrate priority to planning and tasks.

An appreciation of foreign speaking international working and an awareness of foreign cultures and behaviours. A seasoned national and international business traveller.  Structured project management and project delivery skills gained during international working UK, Australia, Germany and China.

Well trained and experienced practitioner of operational elements, such as Safety, Continuous Improvement, ISO Standards,  EBA negotiations, Lean and People Development.


Mark Buckler - Manufacturing and Operations Adviser

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